CAMX 2016 preview: Vectorply

Vectorply Corp. (Phenix City, AL, US) is featuring its VectorUltra line of carbon multiaxial fabrics.

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Vectorply Corp. (Phenix City, AL, US) is featuring its VectorUltra line of carbon multiaxial fabrics. This line of advanced composite products ranges from the 2.94-oz/yd² double bias C-BX 0300, to the 94-oz/yd² C-4QX 9400, which is a quadraxial, quasi-isotropic, reinforcement made from standard modulus carbon fiber. Hybrid products including aramid and E-glass will also be on display. The C-4QX 9400 fabric, which is balanced and symmetric, is a good fit for tooling, panel and thick section advanced composite applications. Vectorply’s standard VectorUltra products are offered in unidirectional, biaxial, double-bias, triaxial, quadraxial, and multilayered architectures. 

Vectorply's director of composites engineering, Trevor Gundberg, also will participate in an aerospace textiles panel at CAMX. He will discuss the advantages of non-crimp fabrics in the aerospace market during the panel, which will be followed by Q&A.