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CAMX 2016 preview: Tiodize

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Tiodize (Huntington Beach, California) will introduce what it says is the strongest composite fastener on the market, offering up to 97 ksi in tensile strength.

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Tiodize (Huntington Beach, California) will introduce what it says is the strongest composite fastener on the market, offering up to 97 ksi tensile strength. The FIBER/LITE line includes fasteners and fastening devices, such as nuts, bolts, pins and hinges. Advantages of these products include good mechanical strength, excellent fatigue, corrosion resistance and significant weight savings compared steel competitors. FIBER/LITE can be radar-signature free for military and other applications, as well as X-ray transparent for use in medical instruments and other products. Also featured is TRIBO/COMP, a line of self-lubricated bearings.


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