CAMX 2016 preview: Renegade Materials/Maverick

Renegade Materials Corp. (Miamisburg, OH, US) and Maverick Corp. (Blue Ash, OH) will co-exhibit again, featuring a range of Maverick-developed non-MDA polyimide products available exclusively through Renegade Materials.

Renegade Materials Corp. (Miamisburg, OH, US) and Maverick Corp. (Blue Ash, OH) will co-exhibit again, featuring a range of Maverick-developed non-MDA polyimide products available exclusively through Renegade Materials. Already an industry-leading supplier of AFR-PE-4 polyimide prepregs for military applications, Renegade Materials’ exclusive 700°F RM-1100 polyimide prepreg is qualified or in qualification at multiple international aerospace OEMs. RM-1100 and Renegade Materials’ exclusive 600°F MVK-14 FreeForm prepregs are approved for export and offer what Renegade Materials says is excellent non-MDA options to replace PMR-15 as well as titanium in primary structure. Maverick will also feature its family of high-temperature polyimide coatings, molding compounds and RTM resins, including MVK-2066, MVK-10 and J1, as well as its line of aerospace-qualified, fully certified compression molded parts and components.

Renegade Materials will promote its expanding BMI product line including prepreg systems (RM-3002 and RM-3004), infusion resins (RM-3000 and RM-3010) and adhesives (RM-3011, RM-3006 and RM-3007). Renegade Materials completed several key qualifications of these products this year in support of new commercial aerospace programs ramping up over the next few years. Renegade Materials also will feature out-of-autoclave (OOA) BMI prepregs, and offers RM-3004 OOA BMI prepreg, for use in aerospace structures and tooling. Renegade Materials will broaden its lineup in this area with the launch of a new toughened OOA BMI prepreg (RM-3005) early next year. Renegade Materials will also feature its low-dielectric prepreg systems, including a low-cost modified epoxy (RM-2014-LDk) and cyanate esters (RM-5001 and RM-5003) for radome and satellite applications. 

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