CAMX 2016 preview: PPG Industries

PPG Industries (Pittsburgh, PA, US) will introduce three new fiber glass products and present three technical papers.

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PPG Industries Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA, US) will introduce three new fiber glass products and present three technical papers. The new products include additions to the HYBON direct single-end fiber glass roving line, the TUFROV long-fiber thermoplastic line and the INNOFIBER specialty glass composition product line. Jacob P. Anderson, PPG senior project research and development (R&D) engineer, will present a paper titled, “Effect of Preheating and Size on the Mechanical Performance of Thermoplastic Flake Molding Compound (FMC).” It explores the relationship between flake preheating and size on mechanical performance and demonstrates how increasing preheating temperature and flake length can improve the tensile, flexural and impact performance of FMC panels. Sandeep Vennam, PPG senior project R&D engineer, will present, “Performance Drivers on Fatigue Properties of Glass Fiber Composites.” His paper examines the effects of key performance variables such as filament diameter, linear density and areal weight on fiber glass composites, and it recounts experiments that demonstrate how to significantly improve fatigue performance of large-filament-diameter glass fiber by modifying the fiber processing parameters. Pu Gu, PPG senior research associate, will present, “Durability of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites in Seawater and Alkaline Environments: The Interface Factor.” His paper investigates the effect of different fiber-matrix interfacial treatments on the durability of glass-fiber-reinforced vinyl-ester and epoxy composites in seawater and alkaline environments.

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