CAMX 2016 preview: Hexcel

Hexcel (Stamford, CT, US) will be promoting its latest composite innovations for aerospace, automotive, and recreational equipment.


Hexcel's Acousti-Cap core

Hexcel (Stamford, CT, US) will be promoting its latest composite innovations for aerospace, automotive, and recreational equipment. Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft's LEAP-1B engines from CFM International contain an acoustic inner barrel that is manufactured from Hexcel’s trademarked Acousti-Cap engineered core technology, which has individually embedding permeable cap material in each honeycomb cell to create an acoustic septum for reduced noise. This technology is a leading contributor to the 40% reduction of the area of acceptable noise contour of the 737 MAX engine.

Composite leaf springs for heavy vehicles, made out of glass and carbon composites, offer many advantages over their metal counterparts such as up to 70% weight savings, high corrosion resistance, optimized system integration, improved riding performance and superior fatigue performance. Hexcel’s fully industrialized and trademarked HexPly M9 resin family allows for the fast and effective manufacturing of preforms with excellent mechanical performance at competitive costs. 


Hexcel's MiMax multiaxial reinforcements

Using a specialized spreading process, trademarked PrimeTex ZB, carbon fabrics are processed for a smooth, closed weave and uniform cosmetic appearance. The fiber tows are spread in both the warp and weft direction creating a thinner and more closely woven fabric that provides better mechanicals and less porosity in a composite and can be used to lower part  mass for parts including hockey sticks, which will be on display.

Hexcel has continued the production of  multiaxial reinforcements under the trademark of HiMax multiaxial reinforcements, following its acquisition of Formax UK earlier in 2016.  HiMax reinforcements allow manufacturers to process multiple layers of unidirectional fibers in a single fabric. To showcase these innovative reinforcements, Hexcel will be displaying a surfboard made from HiMax carbon fiber multiaxial reinforcements.

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