CAMX 2016 preview: Click Bond

Click Bond (Carson City, NV, US) will showcase its new LoMas screw.

Click Bond (Carson City, NV, US) will showcase its new LoMas screw. This product reportedly offers significant weight savings for aircraft and other weight-sensitive applications. The new A286-grade stainless steel screw is up to 50% lighter than common steel alternatives and as much as 17% lighter than those made of titanium.

The key to the LoMas screw design is that it’s hollow. This “low-mass” design approach is accomplished through a proprietary deep-drawn manufacture process which provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The LoMas screw features a unique captive washer that reduces parts count and minimizes the risk of Foreign Object Debris (FOD). Another element of the LoMas screw is its dual-drive design allowing for both internal NAS 1800 and external hex head capabilities. 

The LoMas screw is initially available in 10-32 thread in 15 lengths from 0.250-2.00 inches with a variety of coatings, with other inch and metric sizes to follow. 

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