CAMX 2015 preview: Vectorply

Vectorply Corp. (Phenix City, AL, US) is introducing at CAMX VectorLam Cirrus 2.0, the latest edition of Vectorply’s proprietary laminate analysis software.

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Vectorply Corp. (Phenix City, AL, US) is introducing at CAMX VectorLam Cirrus 2.0, the latest edition of Vectorply’s proprietary laminate analysis software. VectorLam Cirrus 2.0 provides a cloud-based, multi-platform-compatible approach to classical laminate theory and provides a suite of services across diversified market segments. This upgrade from the Excel-based version of VectorLam allows users to build and access laminates on nearly any Internet connected device. VectorLam Cirrus 2.0 is designed to help users achieve goals of stiffness, strength, weight and cost by allowing them to design a specific laminate for their application. The VectorLam Cirrus 2.0 program is free to all users and will be accessible through Vectorply’s website.

Vectorply’s director of composites engineering, Trevor Gundberg, will present his technical paper at CAMX titled, "E-Glass/Polypropylene Woven & Stitch-Bonded Biaxial Fabrics – Static & Dynamic Composite Property Characterization." The paper covers the mechanical property testing — static and dynamic — done on Vectorply’s ThermoPly E-Glass/polypropylene comingled fabrics. Gundberg will compare this data with other types of thermoplastic composites, including LFRT and similar thermoset composites.