CAMX 2015 preview: TenCate Advanced Composites

TenCate Advanced Composites (Morgan Hill, CA, US) will highlight several technologies.

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TenCate Advanced Composites (Morgan Hill, CA, US) will highlight several technologies. TenCate TC275-1 is an out-of-autoclave (OOA) epoxy prepregs that features good moisture resistance and good hot/wet strength retention. This product has a dry Tg of 183°C and a 136°C wet Tg after saturation. TC275-1 has an extensive database on a variety of fibers including HexTow HM63, IM-7 and Grafil’s TR50S 15k fiber.  TC275-1 is in several active qualification programs and is in use in large-volume applications.

TenCate Cetex  TC1320 PEKK-based unitapes will be featured. These products have a relatively low processing temperature, but reportedly retain excellent mechanical performance at 121°C with good impact and FST properties. It is optimized for automated tape laying (ATL) applications, as well as oven processing. This product was developed to serve commercial aircraft structural applications.

TenCate Composite Molded Billet Stock is being offered in 1-3-inch thick molded and machined billet stock from thermoset bulk molding compounds (BMC). Billet stock is offered in plates up to14 by 28 inches. Billet stock has the tensile strength of aluminum with 40% weight savings. Billet stock may also be used for hard point attachments and saves layup costs of thick laminate fabrication.

TenCate’s TC890 polyimide high-temperature prepregs using polyimide resin from PROOF Research’s (Columbia Falls, MT, US) P2SI will be highlighted. PROOF Research’s  P2SI’s 900HT resin is a high-temperature, non-MDA replacement for PMR 15 applications. An Air Force-funded design allowables database on 900HT is being finalized. The TenCate TC890 prepreg made with this resin is on T650-35/8HS fabric. The design allowables database will be made available to interested parties. Further, a complete P2SI 900HT toolkit is being developed under Integrated Computational Methods for Composite Materials (ICM2) activities, which includes integration into the commercial process modeling and simulation software COMPRO and RAVEN (Convergent Manufacturing Technologies).

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