CAMX 2015 preview: Litek Composites

Litek Composites Corp. (Chino, CA, US) is featuring its line of corrosion-resistant composite pipes and fittings.

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Litek Composites Corp. (Chino, CA, US) is featuring its line of corrosion-resistant composite pipes and fittings. All of Litek's products conform to ASTM PS-15-69 and are made with vinyl esters like Ashland's Derekane 411, 411BPO, 470, 510C, Hectron 922 or others resin at customer request. All products feature 100-mil resin-rich corrosion liner and are hand laid per ASME  RTP-1 Integral Type II construction in MEKP and BPO cure system. Litek's distribution center in Los Angeles stocks standard sizes in different resins pipes, couplings, elbows, flanges, manways, tees and U-vents. The company also works for FRP fabricators as a subcontractor to provide a full line of corrosion-resistant FRP piping spools.