CAMX 2015 preview: Hexcel

Hexcel (Stamford, CT, US) is featuring several products, including HexSHIELD, Acousti-Cap, HexTOOL, HexPly and HexTow.

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Hexcel (Stamford, CT, US) is featuring several products, including HexSHIELD, Acousti-Cap, HexTOOL, HexPly and HexTow. HexSHIELD is new honeycomb technology that provides high-temperature resistance in aircraft engine nacelles. By inserting a thermally resistant material into honeycomb cells, HexSHIELD is said to provide a core product with unique heat-shielding capabilities that allows for the potential re-use of material after a fire at 1093°C. This product builds on Hexcel’s history of heat-resistant honeycombs including HexWeb HRH-327, with temperature resistance up to 260°C. Acousti-Cap, Hexcel's broadband noise-reducing honeycomb, has resulted in multi-degree of freedom (MDOF) liners that bring significant improvements in acoustic absorption capabilities in aircraft engine nacelles. The acoustic treatment may be positioned at a consistent depth and resistance within the core, or can be placed in a pattern of varying depths and/ or resistances, offering an acoustic liner that is tuned to engine operating conditions. Acousti-Cap has been tested at NASA on a full engine test rig and met all 16 design conditions without trade-offs. An example of this new technology will be on display at CAMX.

Hexcel also will display tooling made from HexTOOL M61, which is used to make CFAN fan blades for the GE90 and GEnx engines and is manufactured by Sawyer Composites. Visitors also will see carbon fiber composite automotive body-in-white (BIW) parts made with HexPly M77 preforms from Hexcel’s automated process. The preforms’ low tack allows for automated handling by the customer. They require no surface preparation and are designed for one-step bonding and curing in a press, requiring no finishing operations. Common BIW part joining technologies such as welding can be used, and the parts are compatible with e-coating processes. Building on the attributes of HexPly M77, Hexcel reports that it has now installed a fully automated production line in Austria that converts UD prepreg into 2D preforms in just seconds. The process allows prepreg plies of different weights and orientation to be combined in the same plybook and includes automated cutting, camera-assisted ply positioning and integration of adhesive and automated packing.

In addition to product displays, Hexcel will promote its new Prepreg Resin Selector app. This app focuses specifically on the prepreg products that Hexcel develops and supplies for aerospace and industrial markets. The app allows users to select the best prepreg resin for their application, based on market and application, cure temperature and maximum service temperature (Tg). The app also allows the user to view the full range of Hexcel’s prepreg resin data sheets. The new Hexcel app is available for download free of charge to all users through the Apple iTunes Store (search, Hexcel Prepreg Selector).