CAMX 2015 preview: BGF Industries

BGF Industries (Greensboro, NC, USA) is featuring its line of woven fiber reinforcements, including those made with carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, aluminized glass fiber and thermoplastic glass fiber.

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BGF Industries (Greensboro, NC, USA) is featuring its line of woven fiber reinforcements, including those made with carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, aluminized glass fiber and thermoplastic glass fiber. 

Carbon fiber: BGF offers a variety of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)- and pitch-based carbon fabrics using 3K, 4K, 6K, and 12K tow carbon fibers. BGF says its carbon fabrics offer high strength, high modulus, light weight, have high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. Applications include primary and secondary structures, including engine components, rotor blades, radomes, ducting, brake linings and tooling.

Aramid: BGF’s woven materials for aerospace composites are made from high-strength DuPont Kevlar (aramid) fiber. BGF notes that aramid fabrics have excellent thermal and dimensional stability, perform with no strength loss up to temperatures of 320° F for extended periods, are lighter weight than E-Glass with higher specific strengths, demonstrate little or no change in a composite when indirectly exposed to UV light, and will not melt or support combustion. 

Glass fabrics: BGF's E-glass and high-strength S-glass fabrics for composites applications use a heavier construction with complex weave patterns to produce a high-strength, high-performance , lower cost fabric than carbon or Kevlar. Aerialite fabrics, for snowboards, are specifically designed to provide superior handling and cleanliness to insure a smooth manufacturing process. Aerialite fabric reportedly exhibits improved wetout and clarity, which increases laminate strength and provides a smoother whiter surface to make graphics stand out above the rest. Aerialite uses E Glass and high-strength S Glass fibers for boards used by competitive riders for strength, durability and light weight characteristics. Aerialite X is designed with a range of fiber combinations from 100% Innegra fiber to Innegra hybrid designs. The latest advancement comprises Innegra fiber comingled as part of the fiber matrix in both glass and carbon. Used for high impact applications in surfboards, SUP boards, auto racing and protective sports equipment, Aerialite X delivers impact resistance, damage tolerance and vibration reduction.

Aluminized glass: Barracuda aluminized glass fabric reportedly looks like moldable steel.  It boasts the look of metal with the functionality of traditional high-performance fabrics. Applications include sporting goods, luggage, motorcycle helmets, kitchen appliances, dashboards, umbrella shafts and more. When combined with the proper resin, products made with Barracuda emulate the silver sheen of 3-D steel, and beneath the surface offers the same high-performance characteristics of traditional fiberglass fabrics.

Thermoplastic glass: PolyPreg is a woven comingled glass/polypropylene fabric, available in weights of 750 gsm and 1500 gsm and natural or black colors. It can be directly consolidated, with the addition of heat and minimal pressure, into a high strength composite part. PolyPreg has high glass content, high impact properties, unlimited shelf life, no emissions, recyclability and is said to be easy to process.

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