CAMX 2014 preview: Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics Inc. (Charlotte, N.C.) is featuring a new add-on module for its VGStudio MAX which allows analysis of composite components non-destructively by use of computed tomography data.

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Volume Graphics Inc. (Charlotte, N.C.) is featuring a new add-on module for its VGStudio MAX which allows analysis of composite components non-destructively by use of computed tomography data. With the new Fiber Composite Material Analysis Module it will be possible to inspect fiber materials non-destructively and at the same time obtain other information on the internal structure of a part. As with the other optional analysis modules available for VGStudio MAX, a user can rely on Volume Graphic’s industry proven algorithms to automatically analyze a probe. The following parameters can be calculated: Local and global fiber orientation, local and global fiber concentration,, deviation from predefined reference orientation, local fiber orientation in a plane projection, and other statistical parameters such as fiber distribution. The data obtained can be used to verify a simulation or to determine mechanical properties. It is possible, therefore, to import a specific simulation mesh (such as a PATRAN file) directly into the new module within VGStudio MAX. The user can then calculate averaged values of the local fiber orientation and also the fiber/matrix ratio for each cell and directly compare them with the values of the simulation. Results can be displayed and reported in various ways:

  • Display the local fiber orientation in 2-D or 3-D, color-encoded, as vectors or tensors
  • View histograms of the orientation distribution
  • Analyze the fiber concentration in a color-coded plot
  • Access line plots of individual components of the orientation tensor
  • Generate reports in a variety of formats (CSV, HTML, RTF, PDF, etc.).

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