CAMX 2014 preview: Lingrove

Natural fibers specialist Lingrove (San Francisco, Calif.) is launching a range of flax prepregs, dry reinforcement and other bio-based solutions at CAMX.

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Natural fibers specialist Lingrove (San Francisco, Calif.) is launching a range of flax prepregs, dry reinforcement and other bio-based solutions at CAMX. The Ekoa family of prepregs are the first high-performance plant fiber reinforcement and bio-based resin composite available. Ekoa is comprised largely of technical linen fibers and often lighter than carbon fiber. The 75 percent biobased prepreg was developed in-house and is available in various aerial weights. Lingrove was formed after several years of research and development by founding partners Entropy Resins and Blackbird. Lingrove says this new class of bio-composites share the strong mechanicals characteristics of high-performance composite reinforcements while offering significant advantages including damping properties, ultra lightweight, worker-friendly processability and a low carbon footprint. Offered initially in light and medium weight unidirectionals including: 1.5 oz, 3.2 oz, 5.1 oz and 8.9 oz, as well as a 10.3-oz biaxial. Applications include mobility, outdoor and the Clara Ekoa ukulele launched by Blackbird in late 2013. The award-winning Clara ukulele illustrates the novel Ekoa unibody hollow structure, influenced by F1 race car structure, for the tone of vintage wood with superior responsiveness, stability and strength. 

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