CAMX 2014 preview: Hennecke Machinery

Polyurethane material and processing specialist Hennecke Machinery (Lawrence, Pa., USA) will feature the new, award-winning Tweel airless tire from Michelin.

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Polyurethane material and processing specialist Hennecke Machinery (Lawrence, Pa., USA)  will feature the new, award-winning Tweel airless tire from Michelin. Hennecke experts will be on hand to describe the collaborative effort that brought the elastomer tire from concept to commercialization – working with Michelin to optimize the design and machine production processes while minimizing raw material and post-production waste. The Tweel airless tire is designed for use on all skid steer loaders. It is produced on Hennecke’s ELASTOLINE F machines, which provide the shot-to-shot and constant temperature monitoring required to efficiently produce such a complex part in great volume. The Tweel was named a winner in the prestigious 2013 Edison Awards competition.

Hennecke will also feature:

  • A weight-saving, strong Audi R8 automotive dashboard shell produced through the reaction injection molding (RIM) process and a high-speed Hennecke LFI composite spray molding (CSM) production line that delivers quality parts in quantity with minimal raw material waste.
  • An automotive steering wheel produced through a stationary production system which creates an integral skin foam (ISF).
  • An automotive headrest produced through the RIM process on a Hennecke headrest line.
  • An automotive floor mat produced on a Hennecke TOPLINE HK metering machine that features high throughput production rates.
  • A selection of honeycomb composite automotive load floors that offer high stiffness along with lightweighting and sound-deadening properties.
  • A CLEARMELT demonstration part produced on a Hennecke RIM machine to demonstrate the use and asthetics of clear polyurethane coatings for decorative applications.
  • A Masco bathtub, produced on a Hennecke LFI CSM production line that produces a stout three-layer composite tub – an initial spray of low-density foam, followed by a layer of high-density foam and topped by a gel coat. The automated CSM system with its four-component mixhead provides the incremental metering required to create the complex local reinforcements needed to make the bathtub strong while optimizing raw material use.
  • A concept Varysoft fiber composite lightweight automotive part produced in quantity and cost-effectively through the high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) process. Hennecke collaborated with Engel to make this part and process commercial.
  • An automotive leaf spring produced through the RTM process on a high-pressure STREAMLINE machine equipped with a custom mixhead.
  • An MN 10 mixhead, which offers continuous feed for the long shot times necessary for spray operations, even when feeding highly abrasive fillers such as glass, mineral fibres and mica, as well as mineral fillers like calcium carbonate and barium sulphate.

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