CAMX 2014 preview: CVC Thermoset Specialties

CVC Thermoset Specialties (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) is featuring its line of resins, curatives, reactive modifiers and toughening agents to deliver enhanced performance in composites and thermoset formulations.

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CVC Thermoset Specialties (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) is featuring its line of resins, curatives, reactive modifiers and toughening agents to deliver enhanced performance in composites and thermoset formulations. CVC says its materials demonstrate improved interlaminar toughness of glass, carbon, and organic fiber-reinforced epoxy, as well as processing flexibility for a range of composite processes.

The group has added two new VTBNX products to its line of Hypro reactive liquid polymers (RLP): Hypro 1300X33LC and Hypro 1300X43LC. The technology behind these methacrylate-terminated liquid rubbers is an innovation that allows what CVC says is superior viscosity stability and lighter color than the previous generation of Hypro VTBNXs. This extends the shelf life and processing window and expands the use to applications where color is important, while also improving key mechanical properties, toughness, impact resistance and flexibility.

Other products include:

  • Hypro reactive liquid polymers: Butadiene/acrylonitrile functional polymers to improve low-temperature properties and toughness, including crack resistance fracture toughness, impact resistance, resilience, and thermo-cycling
  • EPALLOY specialty epoxy resins: Phenol novolac, bisphenol A modified novolac and cycloaliphatic epoxies for chemical resistance, thermal performance, modulus, cure speed and UV performance
  • HyPox elastomer-modified epoxy resins: Dimer acid, urethane-modified and CTBN epoxy resins for low-temperature properties, impact/crack/chip resistance and flexibility
  • ERISYS reactive modifiers: Epoxy-functional glycidyl ethers, esters and amines for improved handling and processing of epoxies, as well as enhanced flexibility with toughness, chemical resistance and UV stability
  • OMICURE catalysts and accelerators: Dicyandiamide- and boron-based catalysts and substituted urea accelerators to control cure speed, reduce cure temperatures of dicyandiamide-cured epoxy formulations and optimize productivity, energy use and ultimate physical properties.

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