CAMX 2014 preview: Conductive Composites

Conductive Composites (Heber City, Utah) is featuring several new multifunctional composite products at CAMX 2014.

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Conductive Composites (Heber City, Utah) is featuring several new multifunctional composite products at CAMX 2014:

  • Lightweight composite antennas
  • Nickel CVD-coated renewably-sourced cellulose fibers, in continuous tow and nonwoven formats
  • Lightweight shielding enclosures, shielded cables, composite conduit, construction materials, sporting goods
  • A full line of conductive materials, including nickel-coated fibers, scrims, nickel nanostrands and integrated products including conductive paints, sealants, and resins.

“Our innovations continue to bridge the gap between composites and metals,” said Nathan Hansen, president of Conductive Composites. “Just one example is a lightweight composite antenna. It shows how our advanced materials enable a new class of applications for the composites industry. By using metal-composite hybrid constituents, the advantages of both materials are realized in a single integrated solution that provides the weight, structural, manufacturing, and environmental advantages of composites with the conductivity and electromagnetic capabilities of metals.”

Recent developments in materials development will also be presented. These will primarily focus on advances in renewably sourced fibers (cellulose, flax, hemp, cotton, silk, and others) that can be coated with pure nickel using Conductive Composites’ proprietary vapor deposition process. Specific new products, such as nickel CVD-coated cellulose fiber tows and nonwovens will be demonstrated.

In the conference, Nathan Hansen, president, will present “Alternative Natural Fiber Substrates for Creating Fiber Reinforced Electrically Conductive Composites,” Wednesday, Oct. 15, 8:30 a.m. George Hansen, CTO, will present “Electrical and Mechanical Advantages of Antennas Fabricated From Conductive Composites,” Wednesday, Oct. 15, 3:30 p.m.

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