CAMX 2014 preview: Altair

Altair Engineering Inc. (Troy, Mich., USA) is featuring its HyperWorks suite of composites design engineering tools.

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Altair Engineering Inc. (Troy, Mich., USA) is featuring its HyperWorks suite of composites design engineering tools. The software applies to laminated, woven and chopped fiber composites and is based upon finite element methods in conjunction with optimization algorithms to provide design guidance and insights. HyperMesh allows composites data to be read from the CAD model, with ply shapes and parameters comprehended and mapped onto elements. It uses ply-based modeling and has the ability to convert from ply- to zone-based modeling for solvers that do not natively support ply-based modeling. HyperView provides layer-based post-processing for composites, yielding results for individual layers and the aggregation of layers, identifying the maximum contributing layer. OptiStruct is a solver with non-linear capabilities for ply-based modeling. It offers size optimization for dimensioning of structural components, as well as topology optimization to reduce weight by determining the ideal material distribution. 

Altair also offers access to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), which enables HyperWorks users to call on third-party software as needed at no additional cost. Nine software tools for designing and analyzing composites are available through the APA, including AlphaStar, Componeering and ESRD.