Brook One manufactures two new products for thermal/acoustic aircraft insulation blankets

PEEK-based Fire barrier BO 856B-I and BO 856B-II offer lightweight toughness and surpass latest flammability and burn through requirements.

Brook One Corporation (Toronto, Canada) manufactures two new products for use as heat sealable and stitchable films in the fabrication of thermal/acoustic aircraft insulation blankets. Fire barrier BO 856B-I and BO 856B-II are lightweight, flexible and abuse-resistant films designed to resist the spread of fire and burn through in thermal/acoustic insulation blankets, which are typically installed behind airplane interior panels to protect passengers, cargo and equipment from environmental conditions and engine noise.

Since 2011, its R&D team has engineered an innovative product that features polyetheretherketone (PEEK) for strength, low smoke and toxicity combined with a propriety core that is a proven fire barrier solution. They exceed the latest and more stringent Federal Aviation Regulations FAR 825.56 (a) flammability and (b) burn through aimed to improve protection against fire intrusion into aircraft interior cabins. Both products are extremely strong with burst strength > 50 psi and excellent scratch resistance with no delamination at a 200g load. For more information e-mail or call 416-901-0988.