Borflex releases compacting AFP roller range

Appears in Print as: 'Compacting rollers meet AFP requirements'

Applicable to thermoset or thermoplastic prepregs, the Fiberroll compacting roller range ensure optimal surface appearance, rugosity and geometry while avoiding material adherence.


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Fiberroll AFP compact rollers

Photo Credit: Borflex

Borflex (Rouen, France), specializing in the design and development of elastomeric products, has developed Fiberroll, a range of compacting rollers that meet automated fiber placement (AFP) requirements. The rollers are applicable to thermoset or thermoplastic prepregs and are said to meet the criteria for aerospace (silicone-free solutions), automotive, wind, marine and rail sectors.

The primary function of a compactor roller, Borflex Composites says, is to apply pressure to the area where the yarns or webs are laid, including on uneven and complex surfaces. The material used must also have little to no adherence to avoid damage to the threads or layers.

Borflex 3D drawing of AFP machine.

Photo Credit: Borflex

According to the company, its Fiberroll compacting rollers meet these needs. Offered with silicone or as silicone-free, the tailor-made rubber compound solutions enable consistent and improved surface appearance, rugosity and geometry, no matter the roller’s shape. Adherence-free, the rollers also offer up to 500ºC for functional strength-to-temperature by stroke, and a wide hardness range, scaling from 10-30 Sh A (with silicone), and 30-70 Sh A (silicone-free), extending service life. High compression, adaptability for complex forms, abrasion resistance and high linear speed are additional features.

Customization is also offered. Rollers can be manufactured for all size and color requirements. Rollers can be marked with the company/customer name, as well as other necessary information depending on available space left; traceability integration is also possible. Specific packaging is optional. Borflex Composites is also able to supply the complete solution, including metallic or other material axes and ball bearings.