Bisphenol-epoxy vinyl ester

Reichhold Inc. has introduced a new low-styrene, low-viscosity brominated flame retardant, bisphenol-epoxy vinyl ester DION FR 9350-01.

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Reichhold Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) has introduced a new low-styrene, low-viscosity brominated and flame-retardant bisphenol-epoxy vinyl ester called DION FR 9350-01. Unmodified, it has an ASTM E-84 Class II flame spread. With the addition of 3.0 percent antimony trioxide or antimony pentoxide, it can achieve ASTM E-84 Class I flame spread certification. The resin is formulated to provide a unique combination of low viscosity and a low styrene content (less than 35 percent). The resin can be used to produce glass-reinforced laminates with good impact-, stress- and fatigue-resistance, and it is corrosion-resistant in a variety of acidic and alkaline environments. Applications include ducting, piping, stack liners, tanks, transportation and construction items.