Bio-based fillers

LignoTech Developments has announced new additions to its thermoset additives lineup of bio-based extenders for thermoset resins.

LignoTech Developments (Canterbury, New Zealand) has added bio-based extenders to its lineup of additives for thermoset resins. Currently, the company manufactures Lignoset, a bio-based extender for thermoset resins made from dried distillery grains, and is evaluating other resin fillers, including those made from the hulls of soybeans, sugar beets and corn. According to Russell Fisher, the company’s North American technical specialist, Lignoset has a low specific gravity, a key to part weight reduction. Independent testing in the U.S. reportedly indicates that Lignoset can replace a portion of the composite materials now used in thermoset matrices, including those used in bulk molding compounds (BMC), sheet molding compounds (SMC) and pultrusion processes. Current production is from a pilot plant in New Zealand where the technology was developed and patented in 2005. Plans are underway to establish a U.S. production and development base.