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At JEC Europe 2015: The Ultran Group

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Based in State College, PA, US, this ultrasound technology developer presented results of tests using its recently developed U710 ultrasound inspection system in evaluation of prepreg resin impregnation levels.


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The Ultran Group (State College, PA, US), the inventor of modern noncontact ultrasound and a leading innovator in the development of quality ultrasound inspection instruments, presented its most recent findings on using ultrasound to measure key composite material properties at JEC Europe 2015. 

The presentation showcased results from an ongoing effort for the US Air Force as part of a Phase I SBIR award. Ultran showed that the use of Ultran's U710 inspection system and  transducers has enabled reliable and consistent testing at an accuracy of ~0.5% for measurement of prepreg level of impregnation. Ultran also planned to discuss its collaborative effort with ASTM to set an industry standard for impregnation level measurement in prepreg material.

Kashyap Patel, COO of Ultran Group was expected to formally present results Tuesday, March 10, at 2:25 p.m., at the JEC's Damage Analysis and Non-Destructive Testing Conference.

For more information on the U710 inspection system, view the online brochure here.


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