At JEC Europe 2015: SGL Group

Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, this specialist in the carbon fiber value chain had a BMW i8 sportscar, the entire passenger cell of which is made from SGL carbon fiber-reinforced composites, in its display.

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SGL Carbon Group – The Carbon Company (Wiesbaden Germany) showed, for the first time, pre-impregnated SIGRAPREG TowPregs: fiber bundles made from carbon or glass fibers with reportedly excellent winding behavior and constant width that are said to be especially suitable for challenging winding and layup processes. SGL says the specific characteristics of SIGRAPREG TowPregs not only give components very good mechanical properties but also permit much more uniform layup to the highest degree of precision. Towpregs also offer advantages over standard wet winding, SGL contends, by saving customers time and money, while at the same time providing benefits in terms of health, safety and environmental protection. 

Another SGL Group innovation was continuous carbon fiber tow for fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. Components with a thermoplastic matrix can be very readily shaped, repaired, and recycled. So SGL expects its new material to make an important contribution to sustainability and efficiency and open up new possibilities for serial production. 

Dr. Andreas Wöginger, VP of product and technology management of the Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials business unit at SGL Group, said, “With these new products, we are supplying solutions for the development and manufacture of competitive lightweight construction innovations perfectly tailored to the requirements, applications, and technical capabilities of our customers.”

Another developmental highlight was a SIGRAPREG prepreg with a newly developed transparent resin system, which is particularly suitable for visible components in the automotive and other sectors. The use of this prepreg in combination with the innovative SIGRATEX design fabric from SGL Group reportedly produces components with extremely high surface quality and a stylish appearance. 

Peter Weber, VP of sales and marketing in the Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials business unit at SGL Group, summarized the company's plans in the show run-up: “At this year’s JEC, we are focusing on our products and especially our product innovations. We are particularly proud this year to present the revolutionary BMW i8 on our booth as a special eye catcher. The entire passenger cell of this vehicle is made from our carbon fiber composite materials. With this exclusive exhibit, we are not only highlighting our activities in the automotive sector but also demonstrating our expertise right across the composites value chain.” 

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