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3/10/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

At JEC Europe 2015: Oerlikon Barmag

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This Chemnitz, Germany-based supplier of spinning machinery for manmade fibers shared with show attendees information on its latest and established products in the areas of pump construction and winders for specialty yarns.


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Oerlikon Barmag (Chemnitz, Germany), a well-known supplier of spinning machinery for production of manmade fibers, acquainted JEC visitors with its latest and established products in the areas of pump construction and winders for special yarns.

 Oerlikon Barmag's spinning pumps, known for their precision, are often used for spinning the composite reinforcement fiber base materials polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and aramid. A large share of today's common high-performance carbon fibers are now PAN-based. An essential feature of PAN-based carbon fibers, of course, is their high tensile strength despite very low weight, making them attractive in a variety of industries today, including the aerospace, medical, wind energy, and automotive industries. High-strength multifilament yarn made of polypropylene (10g/den) also is a component of preference in composite materials. An extrusion plant for the production of these special PP fibers is part of the product portfolio of Oerlikon Barmag. 

With its WinTrax system, Oerlikon Barmag developed a winder specifically for use in the production of carbon fibers. The winder — designed both for one- and two-cop systems — combines economically efficient production of highest-quality carbon fibers with what the company terms "perfect" package build-up and identical running length. Both small and large package weights up to 20 kg can be realized. The higher package weights reduce set-up times, reducing the cost of composite production considerably. The identical running length of all packages trims waste to virtually zero. 

Special yarns of aramids are characterized by their extremely high tenacity, high breaking elongation, good vibration absorption and resistance to acids and alkalis. They are also very heat- and fire-resistant. Not only are these yarns used in special applications, but they also call for special processing. With WinOro, the automatic monofilament or two-ply precision winder, Oerlikon Barmag has developed a winder for these high-performance fibers. Gentle yarn treatment and "perfect" package build-up, energy efficiency and a high degree of cost-effectiveness reportedly make it the ideal choice for demanding specialty yarns. 

When casting the required composite matrix of composite materials (e.g., resin + hardener), on the other hand, Oerlikon Barmag recommends its high-precision metering pumps. They are characterized not only by exact metering but also by their durability, ease of maintenance and operability.


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