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3/10/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

At JEC Europe 2015: Lach Diamant

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Headquartered in Hanau, Germany, this diamond cutting tool pioneer showcased its PCD and electroplated diamond tools for composites processing.


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Lach Diamant (Hanau, Germany) acquaint stand visitors with its 50+ year history in cutting tool design and manufacture. And the company showcased a representative selection of its of PCD tools as well as electro-plated diamond tools for the complete processing of composites. Professional consultation also will be available. 

A pioneer in the development of diamond tools, Lach Diamant has, since the 1960s has been a leading supplier. At the beginning, the compnay says, natural diamond alone was considered the indispensable material for the manufacturing of these diamond tools with monocrystalline natural diamond cutting edges for turning and milling. For the grinding/cutting task, long-time trained and skilled workers — the natural diamond cutters — had to be employed. In1973, the first stable synthetic polycrystalline diamonds (PCDs) became available at Lach Diamant, a development thrust then was put into motion. Pioneering achievements at the company were accompanied by the discovery of spark erosion for PCD, which enabled for the first time an efficient processing/forming of polycrystalline electric conducting cutting materials.The foundation for the manufacturing of rotating PCD tools, such as routers, drills, countersinks and reaming tools was established.

The result was, for example, compact monoblock diamond tools (without expensive changes of cutting edges) which passed practical tests with flying colours in the woodworking industry for cutting laminated particle boards. This was the basic principle for the further present success of the several patented monoblock diamond cutters and drills for the processing/machining of GRP and CFRP materials in the plastic and aircraft industries as well as for aluminium machining in the automobile and accessory industries. Many patents, the most recent one, cryogenic cutting, namely "Cool Injection" are evidence of this.


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