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3/10/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

At JEC Europe 2015: Ashland Performance Materials

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This Dublin, OH, US-based global resin supplier to the composites industry began celebrating the 50th year of its corrosion-resistant Derakane epoxy vinyl ester product at the JEC event in Paris.


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When visitors stopped at the Ashland Performance Materials (Dublin, OH, US) stand, Ashland welcomed them to a celebration — Ashland’s Derakane resins are now in their 50th year and, the company says, they define the standard of excellence in corrosion-resistant fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) applications for chemical processing, water treatment and air pollution control, mineral processing and more.

Invented in 1965 for use in extremely corrosive, hot, wet chlorine environments, Derakane was originally targeted toward the pulp bleaching and waste water markets. Today, as a result of continued technology development, Derakane is used in hundreds of critical applications, where exceptional mechanical properties and corrosion resistance at high temperatures are required. Because of its high resistance to aggressive solvents and chemicals, Derakane also can maintain good retention of strength and toughness even at elevated temperatures, and the resins have excellent resistance to acidic oxidizing environments.

Derakane resins, today, are used in the production of coatings and linings, tanks, pipes, pumps, chimney liners and ducts, filters, hoods, scrubbers, and other equipment used in the transport, processing and storage of highly corrosive chemicals or which require high resistance to chemical, thermal and mechanical degradation.

The resins combat corrosion and are present in a variety of applications such as infrastructure development, pulp and paper, chlor-alkali, chemical processing, bleach, air pollution control and mineral processing. 

Booth visitors will learn that Ashland’s global team of experts, based in China, Europe, and the Americas, are well positioned to respond swiftly and provide critical expertise to project design engineers, fabricators and asset owners who may be located on separate continents. Based on hundreds of international case histories and knowledge built over five decades, Ashland continues to collaborate with end-users in developing new applications where Derakane fulfills unmet needs for performance, reliability and trust. These applications include rare earth mineral processing and flue gas desulfurization. 

"With the globalization of the corrosion materials business, our customers need to easily source Derakane resins in all corners of the world without compromising quality,” says Bob Hall, global director of specialty resins, Ashland Performance Materials. “Often a project will begin on one continent and be completed on another. Our world-class operations ensure the Derakane legacy performance qualities are retained, regardless of the location.”

More information and case histories are available at www.ashland.com/products/derakane-epoxy-vinyl-ester-resin.


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