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At JEC Europe 2015: AOC

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This Collierville, TN, US-based worldwide supplier of resins and gel coats for the composites industry showcased its full line of resins.


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AOC LLC (Collierville, TN, US) showcased its full line of resins, including the its tradmarked Vipel line, aimed at appications where corrosion resistance is an overriding concern, and its tradmarked Altek line, a collection of versatile resins with proven performance.

AOC will continue reach out to new customers and expand its international customer base, which it is able to serve from its manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

AOC also acquainted booth visitors with the fact that, in addition to AOC resins and gel coats, AOC's branch in the UK also offers a variety of other materials for the composites industry, including reinforcements, coatings, release agents, core materials, catalysts and ancillaries.  


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