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Ambient moisture-cure adhesives

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ThreeBond's TB 1530 is a one-part, non-solvent elastic adhesive.


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The U.K. branch of ThreeBond Europe SaS (Milton Keynes, U.K.) has developed TB 1530, a one-part, nonsolvent elastic adhesive, the main component of which is a silyl-based polymer that reportedly reacts rapidly upon exposure to moisture in the air and cures to form a toughened elastomer with time. It contains no solvents or plasticizers, is nonstaining and can be painted. It is weather-resistant, has high adhesion strength to most substrates without the need for primer, and features low-odor and chemistry that contains no isocyanates. The adhesive is said to be highly elastic with good peel strength and impact/vibration resistance, and does not require UV or thermal curing facilities.


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