Airtech launches new carbon fiber prepregs

Appears in Print as: 'Low-temperature cure carbon fiber prepregs'

The company’s LTC3 prepregs are said to offer a low temperature cure and high temperature use after post cure, and allow the use of lower cost master model materials.


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Airtech Advanced Materials Group (Huntington Beach, CA, US) has introduced its new line of LTC3 Carbon Prepregs, said to offer a low-temperature cure and high-temperature use after post cure, and the use of lower-cost master model materials. According to Airtech, the new prepregs minimize the effects of thermal expansion and offer greater tooling accuracy and less tool/part reworking. The prepregs are offered in three weights:

  • LTC3-G1400 is a lightweight tooling prepreg with a low-temperature curefor the manufacture of composite tooling laminates capable of high-temperature use.
  • LTC3-G1600 is a heavyweight tooling prepreg with a low-temperature cure for the manufacture of composite tooling laminates capable of high-temperature use.
  • LTC3-G1800 is a heavier weight tooling prepreg used to produce molds with a low-temperature cure. The heavyweight material is used to build laminate bulk faster, reducing the number of plies required, saving up to 30% labor time on standard laminates.


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