Aircraft interiors skin-damping materials

SMAC (Toulon, France) has introduced SMACSONIC, a new range of skin-damping materials developed to reduce vibrations and induced noise created by a structure.

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SMAC (Toulon, France) has introduced SMACSONIC, a new range of skin-damping materials developed to reduce vibrations and induced noise created by a structure. The range includes SMACSONICST2, in complement to SMACSONICST, for ambient temperature applications, and SMACSONICEX2, in complement to SMACSONICEX, for low-temperatures applications. The products were designed to replicate the efficiency of current SMACSONIC products at a lower weight. SMACSONIC damping products are used on lightweight structures including fuselages, fairings, cabinets, crew rest compartments and monuments. For composites fabricators, the company also offers the SMACWRAP range, which includes SMACWRAP VEIL. This is a very thin damping material that is embedded in a lay-up to save weight, space and energy while ensuring high performance. 

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