Additives for Class A SMC

BYK USA Inc. introduces processing additive BYK-P 9085 for sheet molding compound (SMC).

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BYK USA Inc. (Wallingford, Conn.), as always, exhibited at COMPOSITES 2013 its wide range of processing additives, coupling agents and defoamers for myriad applications. One highlight was an improved processing additive called BYK-P 9085, designed for sheet molding compound (SMC) production for automotive Class A panels. The additive is now easier to process thanks to a lower viscosity profile, easier incorporation into the SMC paste, and overall better handling in the production process. BYK-P 9085 improves the surface quality (gloss and haze) in the molded parts and increases paint adhesion. The company now offers a mobile phone app, called Additive Guide, which can be downloaded from the company’s Web site.