Episode 7: Frazer Barnes, ELG Carbon Fibre



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Frazer Barnes is managing director at ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd., a composites recycling specialist based in the UK. In Episode 7 of CW Talks, Barnes discusses how he got involved in composites recycling, the carbon fiber waste stream and takes a closer look at the broader recycling market.


  • The matrix

    The matrix binds the fiber reinforcement, gives the composite component its shape and determines its surface quality. A composite matrix may be a polymer, ceramic, metal or carbon. Here’s a guide to selection.

  • The making of carbon fiber

    A look at the process by which precursor becomes carbon fiber through a careful (and mostly proprietary) manipulation of temperature and tension.

  • Composites 101: Fibers and resins

    Compared to legacy materials like steel, aluminum, iron and titanium, composites are still coming of age, and only just now are being better understood by design and manufacturing engineers. However, composites’ physical properties — combined with unbeatable light weight — make them undeniably attractive.