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Episode 11: Steve Gonzalez, KONE

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Steve Gonzalez, director of the major projects unit, Americas, at elevator manufacturer KONE, details the development of UltraRope, a pultruded carbon fiber cabling system for elevators. If you want to learn more, Gonzalez is giving a presentation about UltraRope at CompositesWorld’s 2017 Carbon Fiber conference, Nov. 28-30 in Charleston, SC, US

Steve Gonzalez, director – major projects unit, Americas, at elevator manufacturer KONE, discusses working in the ‘people flow of business’ (2:16), is there a limit to how tall buildings can get (8:12), mechanics of elevators (12:42), KONE's carbon-fiber UltraRope (14:33), what the initial development was like (19:10), market reaction to the technology (28:16).

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