Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

1161 Park View Dr., Ste. 200, Covina, CA 91724 USA
(626) 331-0616 Fax: (626) 332-8929
Web site:
President: Raymond Miller
Executive director: Gregg Balko
Technical director: Dr. Scott Beckwith, (801) 262-8307
Overall purpose: To provide information on advanced state-of-the-art materials and processes; opportunities for career development within the industry; and education in the fundamentals of materials and process technologies.
Composites-related activities: Technical journal, books and conference proceedings; conferences and exhibitions; local chapter meetings; regional seminars and workshops; conferences and shows in the U.S., Europe and Japan; scholarships, primary and secondary educational assistance; career assistance; and college composites curricula development program.
Annual meeting: Spring symposium and exhibition; board of directors meeting.
Other regular regional or national meetings: International technical conference.
Number of chapters: 45 (28 in the U.S., six in Asia and nine in Europe).
Total membership: 4,100