European Alliance for SMC/BMC

c/o AVK e.V.
Am Hauptbahnhof 10, Frankfurt am Main D-60329 Germany
+49 (0) 692 7107 713 Fax: +49 (0) 692 7107 714
Web site:
Executive secretary: Ursula Zarbock
Volunteer chair: Peter Schmidt
Affiliation: POLYNT GmbH & Co. KG
Overall purpose: To promote the intelligent application of sheet molding compounds (SMCs) and bulk molding compounds (BMCs) in the automotive, trucking, construction, electrical, telecommunications and other markets.
Composites-related activities: Publication of technical information, such as its Design Manual, as well as technical papers to assist the members' customers with the design and development of new SMC applications.
Annual meeting: Held in conjunction with JEC Exhibition & Conference in different European cities.
Additional meetings: Seminars are held covering technical topics in various markets.
Corporate membership: 19 leading suppliers of components as well as materials, who have banded together to assure the best use of this material system.