China FRP Industry Assn. (CFRPIA)

No. 11, Sanlihe Rd., Haidian District, Beijing 100037 P.R. of China
+86 10 8808 4208 Fax: +86 10 8808 4209
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Paid staff: Ms. Lu Qin, staff and membership director
Other professionals: 30
Overall purpose: To carry through relevant governmental policies; to act as the bridge linking the government with the enterprises so as to protect their lawful rights and interests; and to assist government in keeping a fair market competition order, conduct trade management and promote all-around industry development. "CFRPIA has been the propellant of China's FRP industry."
Composites-related activities: Organizes the enterprises to develop industry standards and maintain the lawful rights and interest of the trade and the members of the Association; studies and provides statistical data on the industry; supervises and evaluates the quality of finished products; provides consulting and information services to the members; organizes the technical exchange activities within the industry; and disseminates new technologies and processes. Professional education services help member enterprises train technical and management staff. Works to strengthen international cooperation; communicates with foreign counterparts; and conducts technological, economic and commercial exchanges. Organizes a professional exhibition of the industry in China; organizes its members to visit international exhibitions; and facilitates overseas business activities.
Annual meeting: December
Other regular regional/national meetings: China Composites Expo 2007, Sept. 12-14, 2007, at the National Agricultural Center, in Beijing, China.
Industry/academic/volunteer chairperson: Ms. Wu Youing
Affiliation: Beijing FRP Research Institute
Corporate membership: 900+