Automotive Composites Alliance

1010 N. Glebe Rd., Ste. 450, Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 525-0563 Fax: (703) 525-0743
Web site:
Director: John Schweitzer
Volunteer chair: Gary Landsettle
Affiliation: Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.
Term of office: Two years
Overall purpose: Formed in 1988 to increase
the awareness and understanding of composite materials and properties; to assist vehicle manufacturers in the application, design and use of composite components; and to research and address key industry issues, such as health, safety and the environment.
Composites-related activities: Technical presentations, displays, seminars and media relations.
Publications: Design manuals, white papers, member newsletters, annual list of applications in North America.
Annual meeting: Date to be announced; open only to members.
Corporate membership: 25 suppliers and molders.