Australasian Corrosion Assn. Inc.

Mailing address:
PO Box 112, Kerrimur, Victoria 3129 Australia
Street address:
458 Middleborough Rd., Ste. 1, Blackburn, Victoria 3130 Australia
+61 398 9048 33 Fax: +61 398 9078 66
Web site:
Executive officer: Mal Brooks
Membership director: Bradley Dockrill
Overall purpose: The ACA is a nonprofit organization, established to promote the cooperation of academic, industrial, commercial and governmental organizations in relation to corrosion and its mitigation, and for disseminating information on corrosion and its prevention by promoting lectures, symposia, publications and other activities.
Annual meeting: Corrosion & Prevention 2007, 46th Annual Conference, November 2007, in Sydney, Australia.
President: Dean Wall
Term of office: Two years
Publication: Corrosion & Materials (bi-monthly)
Total membership: 1,000
Corporate membership: 400