c/o TTO
Via Garofalo, 39, Milan 20123 Italy
+39 022 3999 085 Fax: +39 027 0638 173
President: Roberto Frassine,
Press office: Simona Tiburtini,
Overall purpose: Assocompositi is the Italian industry association for composite materials and is a member of the European Composites Industry Assn. (EuCIA). The Association's mission is to promote the knowledge and use of composite materials in Italy in every possible industrial application and to activate synergies and promote action at the international level.
Composites-related activities: Encourages information flow between industry, research centers and universities at both the national and international levels, offering consulting services (databases), ongoing activities and expertise available in Italy on the the following topics: aerospace, transportation, sailing, buildings, sports, biomedical, interior design, industrial applications, safety and environment.
Publications: Compositi, the first Italian quarterly magazine on composites.
Regular regional/national meetings: Assocompositi will organize seminars and technical demonstrations in the "Composites Island" at SEATEC 2007, Feb. 1-3, 2007, in Carrara, Italy. The Association will also have a presence at BUILD UP EXPO 2007, an architecture, construction and city planning exhibition, Feb. 6-10, 2007, in Milan, Italy, and at JEC Composites 2007, April 3-5, 2007, in Paris, France.
Total individual membership: 25
Corporate membership: 39