American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

1801 Alexander Bell Dr., Reston, VA 20191 USA
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Paid staff: Susan H. Skemp, executive VP, CEFI; Muhammed Amer, senior program manager, HITEC; John Emmitte, contracts administrator.
Civil Engineering Forum for Innovation (CEFI):
Susan H. Skemp,, (703) 295-6015
Overall purpose: ASCE established the Civil Engineering Forum for Innovation (CEFI) in January 2006 to strengthen the profession and industry through technical innovation and public policy. CEFI will engage senior leaders from industry, academia and government in strategic actions to advance ASCE's mission. CEFI expands on the mission of the former Civil Engineering Research Foundation's Corporate Advisory Board, and during a transition period, governance and leadership will remain unchanged, with renewed commitment to a strategic partnership between industry representatives and Society leadership.
Regular regional/national meetings: Two Executive-series Conferences each year, in the spring and fall.
Board of directors chairperson: T.E. Richardson, P.E., M.ASCE
Affiliation: chief engineer, Bechtel Corporation
Highway Innovation Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC): Muhammed Amer,, (703) 295-6392
Overall purpose: A nationally recognized service center and clearinghouse for implementing highway innovation. HITEC conducts impartial performance evaluations for market-ready products where standards or specifications do not exist. The group places emphasis on providing credible, comprehensive performance information on products and technologies to help highway agencies make informed purchasing decisions.