All India Reinforced Plastic Moulder's Assn. (AIRPMA)

207 Arun Chambers, Taredo Rd., Mumbai 400034 India
+91 226 6602 192 Fax: +91 222 3520 552
Web site:
Director & president: Kushal V. Doshi,
Overall purpose: Established 32 years ago, AIRPMA is government-recognized and dedicated to the promotion of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), especially among potential end-users in a number of industries, including chemicals and fertilizers, railways, marine, electrical/electronics, nuclear, aerospace, defense, agriculture and oil and gas.
Composites-related activities: Assists government agencies, particularly D.S.T. (Department of Science and Technology) and works with ISAMPE (Indian Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering) to organize seminars and workshops at various locales as well as disseminate information via a monthly newsletter to its members. The Association represents molder interests on governmental issues, such as the Central Excise, clarifying categorization of products and trying to achieve uniformity of excise rates. It also takes up problems faced by molders vis-á-vis government duties and regulations. The Association also arranges for the import of raw materials.
Regular regional/national events: India Composites 2008, February 2008, in Mumbai, India.
Publications: Newsletters and circulars.
Total individual membership: 1,500