Zyvex, NanoFabrix partner for electromagnetic interference composites

Zyvex Technologies and NanoFabrix will produce custom carbon nanotube-enhanced composite materials to improve the electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of advanced composite materials.

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Nanotechnology specialist Zyvex Technologies (Columbus, Ohio, USA) and NanoFabrix, a manufacturer of advanced nanotechnology-based surface enhancements and innovative composite material solutions, announced on May 30 a partnership to jointly develop and commercialize composite materials.

Leveraging the nanotechnology scientific resources of Zyvex Technologies and its global supply chain to commercialize products with the nanoparticle processing expertise of NanoFabrix, the companies will produce custom carbon nanotube-enhanced composite materials to improve the electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding effectiveness of advanced composite materials. Initially the companies plan to target the aerospace market.

In addition to EMI shielding, specifically in cockpit electronics, NanoFabrix surface enhancements are being evaluated for aerospace applications for anti-icing and de-icing of the lift surfaces and protection against solid-particle erosion and wear of the turbojet turbine blades.

“Advanced composite materials are already being used on today’s performance aircraft due to their low weight, high strength, and increased longevity,” says Lance Criscuolo, president of Zyvex Technologies. “Inclusion of nanomaterials in the structural composites improves already favorable characteristics including safety and fuel-efficiency.”

NanoFabrix surface enhancements are said to improve upon the performance characteristics of virtually any composite material, including low-cost glass fiber composites. The company says ecent studies at the Air Force Research Laboratory and University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) validate NanoFabrix’s success with a shielding effectiveness range greater than 90dB on a glass-fiber epoxy composite, which results in significant weight reduction for an aircraft, as well as increased payload and range.

The partnership between NanoFabrix and Zyvex Technologies is expected to result in multiple new products. NanoFabrix is the creator of high-performance surface enhancements and nano-particle processing technologies. These technologies make today’s composite materials behave as metals would, with electrical and heat conductivity, EMI shielding and electro-static discharge (ESD) mitigation and solid-particle erosion performance.

Zyvex Technologies adds significant value through its Kentera technology, which creates chemical bonds on carbon nanotubes. Historically, carbon nanotubes and graphene were inherently strong but considered difficult to use in materials because of bonding challenges. Zyvex Technologies is notable for having developed molecules that solve these dispersion problems with its Kentera technology, creating a sustained and stable bond between the molecules and materials.

“This unique process allows for the creation of both stronger materials and the opportunity to take advantage of the inherent electrical properties of carbon nanotubes in ways that were previously impossible,” said Andy Dickson, CEO of NanoFabrix.

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