Zoltek carbon fiber featured in around-the-world yacht racer

Zoltek commissioned construction the Spirit of Hungary in 2012; it competed in the Barcelona World Race and circumnavigated the globe in just over 110 days.

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Carbon fiber manufacturer Zoltek Cos. Inc. (St. Louis, MO, US) reported on May 26 that it began sponsoring the production of a world class racing vessel known as the Spirit of Hungary in 2012. The 18.3m yacht recently sailed in the Barcelona World Race, the boat's first since construction was completed. Led by sailor Nándor Fa, the Spirit of Hungary circumnavigated the globe in just 110 days, 10 hours and 59 minutes.

Built by Fa, the Spirit of Hungary was manufactured using Zoltek’s Panex 35 carbon fiber. Unidirectional fabrics were used to assemble the hull of the deck, the beams, the keels and the rudders. A combination of unidirectional and multidirectional fabrics with vacuum infusion was used to construct the interior structure. The resulting vessel, says Zoltek, is 30% lighter than similar sized boats made with traditional materials.

“I believe that the Spirit of Hungary is the beginning of a long line of successful carbon fiber marine structures,” says Zoltek CEO Mark Kawamura.