Wichita State to offer two online composites courses

One course will focus on the basics of composites; the other will emphasize advanced composites information. Each includes 40 hours of guided instruction and costs $975.

Wichita State University (Wichita, KS, US) reports that it is offering two online composites education courses. "Basic Composites for Engineers" is a noncredit course; "Advanced Composites Course" offer credit. The basic course is for engineers who have little or no experience with composite materials. The advanced course is for practicing engineers who have a basic knowledge of composite materials and mechanics of materials. 

Both courses consist of 40 hours of guided instruction through five instructional modules.  Basic Modules include:

  • Manufacturing Methods
  • Mechanics of Lamina and Laminates
  • Ply Failure Theories and Structural Analysis
  • Damage Resistance and Tolerance
  • Design Guidelines

Advanced Modules include

  • Review of Solid Mechanics
  • Analysis of Orthotropic Lamina
  • Micromechanics for Stiffness and Strength
  • Laminate Analysis
  • Composite Characterization

Students can begin the courses at any time and will have the flexibility to complete sections at their own pace over a 60-day time period. The instructor for both courses is Dr. Suresh Keshavanarayana, WSU associate professor of aerospace engineering.

The cost for each course is $975. For more information or to register visit www.wichita.edu/conted/composites. Course registration is facilitated by the WSU Office for Workforce, Professional and Community Education.  For more information, call +1 316-978-6472 or email jody.hall@wichita.edu.