Webinar emphasizes use of dry-ice cleaning technology

Webinar will review use of dry ice to clean a variety of contaminants from a variety of surfaces in composites fabrication operations.

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CompositesWorld is presenting a Cold Jet LLC-sponsored webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 2:00 pm EDT titled, "Now You See It – Now You Don’t: The Magic of Dry Ice in Composites." 

This webinar will discuss the various uses of dry ice in composites applications, from cleaning various contaminants (mold release agents, epoxy, Teflon tape, silicone, phenolic, carbon, and graphite) from the variety of materials used in the composite tooling industry, from epoxies and urethanes to aluminum and steel, including Teflon-coated tools and tools that are highly polished. This webinar will also discuss the use of dry ice in cleaning composite parts prior to painting. A review of how the dry-ice cleaning process works will also be discussed.

The presenter of the webinar will be Steve Wilson, director of global business development – plastics & rubber, for Cold Jet. 

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