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4/12/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Web Industries upgrades to Tier 2 NCC membership

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The company says its new status with the National Composites Centre complements its business strategy and recent acquisitions of Omega Systèmes Atlantique and Aquitaine.


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Web Industries Inc. (Web; Marlborough, Mass., U.S.), a precision formatter of advanced materials including high-performance composites for aerospace, defense and industrial markets, announces that it has upgraded from associate to Tier 2 membership with the National Composites Centre (NCC; Bristol, U.K.). The enhanced status enables Web to take greater advantage of NCC’s formidable design and manufacturing capabilities and to collaborate more actively with other NCC members in early-stage development of new composite formatting solutions, Web says.

The NCC supports the development of new processes and technologies for the design and manufacture of advanced composite products. It features state-of-the-art equipment and industrial-scale manufacturing facilities, and enables member companies to develop, adapt and validate new and existing processes and technologies.

As a Tier 2 member, Web Industries will be able to initiate research programs involving new composite formatting solutions and to collaborate from the design stage with other NCC members, including composite material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, aerospace parts suppliers and OEMs. In addition, Web will have access to high-quality composite materials and specialized software programs from industry-leading suppliers. 

According to Patrick Markert, Web Industries’ head of business development, Europe, Web’s upgraded NCC status complements its recent acquisition of Omega Systèmes Atlantique and Aquitaine, a precision formatter with production sites in Nantes and Bordeaux, France. The acquisition is part of Web’s strategy to support its aerospace customers’ demands for formatting and materials management services. 

“In Europe, new aerospace programs are typically carried out at R&D hubs like NCC,” says Markert. “Web’s recently acquired facilities in France will be able to coordinate closely with NCC’s Bristol headquarters, shortening lead times and facilitating direct collaboration.”


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