Web Industries joins National Composites Centre

As a member, Web Industries aims to cut aerospace component costs by determining optimum composite formatting procedures early in the design stage.

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Web Industries (Marlborough, MA, US), precision formatter of flexible materials and outsource manufacturer, announced on Dec. 5 it has been awarded associate membership in the prestigious National Composites Centre (NCC, Bristol, UK). 

NCC offers members the opportunity to develop, adapt, scale up and validate new and existing processes in the field of advanced composites production technology.

“Web Industries had to demonstrate to NCC that we could help facilitate end-to-end process developments during the initial stages of programs in ways that cut costs in order to gain associate member status,” says Patrick Markert, Web Industries’ head of business development, Europe.

As an associate NCC member, Web will partner with aerospace component material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, first tier suppliers and OEMs early during the design stage to determine optimum formatting processes for thermoset and thermoplastic materials, and for dry fiber, that cut overall manufacturing costs.