Vought delivers aft fueselage for 787 #3

Vought reports that it has delivered its fifth composite aft fuselage section for the Boeing 787, designated for use in Airplane #3. It's the first shipset delivered by Vought that is "prestuffed" with structures and the start of systems components.

Vought Aircraft Industries Inc. (Charleston, S.C.) announced on April 24 that it delivered its fifth composite aft fuselage section for the The Boeing Co.’s 787 Dreamliner on April 13. The fuselage, designated for Airplane #3, is the first airplane shipset delivered by Vought that includes structures and the start of systems components.

"We have successfully demonstrated our commitment to the quality and level of completeness of our aft sections to the 787 Dreamliner program, while at the same time effectively reducing the amount of traveled work to Boeing,"said Joy Romero, vice president of Vought's 787 division. "In recent reviews with Boeing, they have indicated that Vought is taking the right actions in continuing to improve completeness and adding value to the program.”

Vought has fabricated a total of 35 fuselage barrels – including the five shipsets that have been delivered to Boeing, seven shipsets that are in work at the Vought facility and one developmental unit – since production activities began in June 2006. This number includes those designated for full-scale static and fatigue testing, which will not be delivered to customers. The company is on track for future deliveries.

Each aft fuselage shipset delivered to Boeing consists of two one-piece composite barrels (sections 47 and 48). These are fabricated at Vought's new 342,000-ft2 facility in Charleston using advanced fiber placement technology. The barrels are then joined together, with electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems components installed prior to shipping to Boeing for final assembly in Everett, Wash. Aft fuselage Section 47 measures 19 feet in diameter and 23 feet long. It is the last passenger section and cargo hold section of the 787, which includes the pressure bulkhead. Section 48 is 14 feet in diameter and 16 feet long. The horizontal stabilizer and vertical fin are integrated into Section 48 at Boeing final assembly.