Volkswagen unveils utility truck made with DowAksa carbon fiber

Volkswagen's Transporter utility truck concept vehicle features DowAksa's 24K tow standard modulus fiber in several composite parts to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Automaker Volkswagen (Wolfsburg, Germany) has unveiled its new Transporter utility truck concept at the IAA Hannover 2014 Fair. It features DowAksa (Istanbul, Turkey) carbon fiber-reinforced polymer technology for a lighter, more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle.

Development of the vehicle drew on the industrial expertise and know-how of TTT The Team Composite AG (Stade, Germany), a technology leader in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer passenger vehicles, and was implemented in association with experienced business partners, including Carbon Truck & Trailer GmbH (CT&T, Stade, Germany) and Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge. 

The Transporter is a 3.5-ton distribution truck that features a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer refrigeration structure and chassis behind the cab, including the monocoque, floor plate and box. Parts are reinforced with DowAksa's standard-modulus A42 24K carbon fiber and were fabricated, variously, via vacuum infusion, pultrusion and filament winding. DowAksa says the vehicle will enter series production within the next two years. However, the decision has not been made regarding how much carbon fiber it will ultimately use. Composites use on the concept helped reduce diesel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions 40 percent compared to earlier models of the vehicle. The truck also can be built as an all-electric vehicle.

Speaking of the partnership that developed the vehicle, DowAksa CEO Kostas Katsoglou says, “Although DowAksa is a relatively new player in the carbon fiber industry worldwide, leaving our competitors behind to start global partnerships encourages us. Carbon fiber is of strategic importance for innovative solutions due to its use in pressing issues of the world, including increasing wind turbine output, improving fuel efficiency in automobiles and reinforcing utilities and structures against environmental factors. As DowAksa, we will continue our business development activities worldwide while offering a wide range of products to the carbon fiber composites industry and completing our portfolio with technical support.”