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Vineyard Wind names MHI Vestas as preferred supplier

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Vineyard Wind, the first large-scale US offshore wind project has selected MHI Vestas as its preferred wind turbine supplier.


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Vineyard Wind (New Bedford, MA, US), the 800 MW project off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on Nov. 27 named MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (Aarhus, Denmark) as the preferred wind turbine supplier for the project. The announcement comes as Massachusetts advances its leadership in the integration of offshore wind energy to help replace decommissioned coal power plants. Massachusetts state law seeks to have 3.2 GW of offshore wind providing electricity to the Commonwealth by 2035, which represents more than 20% of electricity consumed in the state.

MHI Vestas’ V164-9.5 MW turbine, reportedly the world’s most powerful wind turbine, will be employed for the project. The 800 MW offshore wind project, scheduled for installation in 2021, is said to be large enough to serve as a catalyst for the build-up of a local supply chain in the region. Once the turbine supply order is confirmed, MHI Vestas says it will begin the process of local hiring and supply chain investment to support the project as it nears the construction phase.


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